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The World's number 1 Natural Fiber advanced composite bicycle wheel brand. 


On Top of the Hill


NEWS: Visit us and see our wheels @BespokedUK Bike Expo at the Olympic Park Velodrome, Stratford, London, UK. (14-16 October 2022 on Stand 72)

Born from the love of what is technically beautiful and more sustainable for the planet, DART® exists to give you a superior ride, no matter your preferred terrain. Designed for you, engineered and manufactured by us right here in Great Britain. Everything we make is custom. We don't even buy regular bearing sets. Instead, we partnered with our friends at Ceramicspeed® to help make you even faster by developing our own DART x Ceramicspeed specially optimized bearing set. We specialize in making the rider experience better. That's why all DART wheels are 'engineered for speed'.

Every rider is different and each wants to ride in different ways. Most people don't race, but we haven't met a rider who doesn't feel the rush and excitement of an open road, path, or circuit enabling them to go as fast as they like. They are all looking for that thrill inside. That's why we formed DART. It was you who made us. Use our products to make you a better rider, whether that's you being faster, more agile, more environmentally aware, more adventurous, or helping you to hit your ambitions and endeavours - your ride, your way.  

DART is the registered trademark of DART Advanced Limited.

Ceramicspeed is the registered trademark of Ceramicspeed A/S.



The Natural Way

At DART we only use 100% natural fiber
 - one of the most high performance natural fiber technologies for our advanced composite cycle wheels. These materials are presently  used in motor racing and aerospace applications. There is no carbon fiber in our wheels. Our composites feature high performance engineered variants of differing modulus and differing variants of fiber. We use our natural fibers for dampening and structural reinforcement, and our entire advanced monocoques have a far lower CO2 footprint than wheels made from carbon fiber. Our all-natural fibers reduce our carbon footprint  dramatically  because 1) part of them absorb CO2 in their natural development stage and 2) part of them are 100% pure before they are engineered into high performance materials and wheels. They are not in and of themselves produced from multiple materials.

High-end materials

When we looked at sourcing our materials we decided that top of the line composites were the only way forward for DART, because we require a personalised supply chain to remain the leader in our field. Whether that is for our 100% natural fibers or our 30% natural matrix that secures them. 

The DART difference

Put simply, we do not do things the same way as other  component brands. With DART you get the absolute latest high end technologies as used by McLaren Racing® in F1®, Porsche Motorsport®, and BMW Motorsport®, and our promise of working to genuinely limit our impact on the planet. We don't pay lip service to these important issues. It has been factored into the DART business model from the very beginning.

DART 60mm Groundforce gravel wheel

In 2022 we launched our groundbreaking concept wheel - the Airblade 4 : GroundForce 60mm front and rear gravel wheel, featuring an advanced design structure with our C3 BioFiber multi reinforcement layup and increased dampening to soak up vibration, so you can get on with riding fast. Featuring an internal rim width of 21mm and tubeless straight side design, the aero benefits and lower tire pressures were integrated with additional vibration control for more comfortable, faster riding.

Parallel Lines


TT and Triathlon form part of our mission

Concept - Airblade 4 : AirForce. Designed to be one of the most effective wheel systems on the global triathlon circuit, the Airblade 4 : AirForce incorporated a monocoque structure utilizing our C1 BioFiber layup and a high level of stability to cope with the varying demands of professional, pro-am, or amateur triathletes. With staggered internal rim widths of 21mm front and 22mm rear you can enjoy a plush ride with increased traction together with a more aero focused front end. 

2022 Airblade 4 : AirForce for all triathlon and TT riders. Lightweight, fast, and stable.

Parallel Lines


Utilizing what we call BioFiber (high end biological fibers derived from F1 technology) forming part of our superior materials and contributing to a more sustainable future, in 2022 the Airblade 4 concept wheel system was our proposition for Triathlon and TT (AirBlade 4 : AirForce), fast Road riding (AirBlade 4 : StrikeForce), and Gravel/Allroad (AirBlade 4 : GroundForce). Ideal for speed freaks seeking to lower their carbon footprint through the use of innovation. As of December 2022 we struck a deal whereby the design for that wheel is no longer owned by DART. For 2023, DART will be concentrating on its new series format of high quality mass market wheels, still made here in Great Britain.

We want you to know that as a young forward thinking sports engineering company, we intend to remain at the forefront of technology making us an attractive brand to riders who care about our planet as much as we do.

A pair of DART Airblade bike wheels on a high tech background.

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