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Airblade 4 concept : GroundForce (pair)

Airblade 4 concept : GroundForce (pair)

Made from our C3 BioFiber layup, the Airblade 4 concept : GroundForce  featured a 60mm deep front rim married to a 60mm deep rear rim to give gravel and allroad riders the benefits of aero and flexibility of a range of tire choice. The GroundForce utilized a 21mm (60S) or 25mm (60W) internal rim widths at the front and rear as well as a unique variant of our BioFiber layup designed to smooth out the ride with increased dampening and vibration control. DART x Ceramicspeed competition bearing sets come as standard.


Please select 60S or 60W in the drop down menu.


Shimano 11 speed ratchet system.

No longer available. Look out for new products from DART in 2023